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Gartner distinguishes vulnerabilities detector created by Dognædis

Dognædis was recognized by Gartner for its technology for automatic vulnerability detection in software, CodeV.

In one of its most relevant market studies, Magic Quadrant, Gartner presents the latest version of CodeV, that will be available by September 17, as a promising technology for the software security market.

Dognædis presents award winning CodeV

CodeV is a framework for Application Security Testing that performs automatic source code analysis to detect security vulnerabilities. In preliminary tests CodeV analyzed several well known and widely used Open Source software and found several 0-day vulnerabilities, 3 of them critical, which were all released in a responsible disclosure fashion.

The award has leveraged considerably CodeV's publicity

It is gratifying to have the bet on innovation acknowledged. That is how Francisco Nina Rente, CEO of Dognædis, comments on being awarded a prize on the seventh edition of the BES National Innovation Award.

The software inspector

It's called CodeV and it detects security flaws on software all over the world. Created in Coimbra by Dognædis it won a BES National Innovation Award.

CodeV: A security expert

What if you could have a nurse at your computer's service 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Someone that assured you would never lose any information and protected you from all hacker attacks, data robbery attempts or phishing attacks ?

Dognædis wins BES Innovation Award

Dognædis, an Information security company based in Coimbra, was this year's winner of the 7th edition of the BES National Innovation Contest in the Technology area. The results were disclosed Tuesday in a ceremony that took place at Art&Finance, in Lisbon.

CodeV awarded by BES Innovation 2011 in the area of Information as Services Technologies

An innovative technology that allows you to detect and correct, in real time, software security problems – CodeV - developed by the University of Coimbra start up Dognædis, won the BES Innovation 2011 award in the Information and Services Technology area.

The guardian of computer software

CodeV is an expert in computer security. A program that gave Dognædis the recognition of the jury on the BES National Innovation Competition in the sector it competed in.

CodeV (computer security program)

To increase the security on computers is the goal of this project. CodeV (Code Verification) consists in a program whose function is to identify, in an automatic manner, vulnerabilities on software, that is, detect security flaws.

Portuguese software detects flaws on 5 opensource program

Security flaws that may allow illegitimate access to databases or third party remote control of the browser in use, are some of the main vulnerabilities reported by the Portuguese company Dognædis, that disclosed today the results of an analysis of opensource software.

UC Researchers improve security of open source software

In tests on the 40 biggest free software projects in the market, CodeV identified 28 security problems that were still unknown.

"We predict that CodeV will represent 10% of 2011's billing volume”

Dognædis launched their vulnerabilities detection software this week, and hopes to geneerate 600 thousand euros of revenue in 2011.

Company from Coimbra creates innovation to detect security flaws

DOGNÆDIS, 'start-up' specialist in information security formed by reserachers from the College of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC), created an innovative technology that detects and corrects, in real time, security problems on 'software'.

FCTUC creates expert in computer security

"Intelligent Professor-Inspector" detects software problems, issues alerts, produces reports and provides instructions towards correcting anomalies.

Portuguese Software finds security flaws

Portuguese company Dognaedis launches a new product to the market today, that promises to help companies that buy custom made software and companies that develop softare to test their source code.

Portuguese software finds security flaws

A company formed by researchers of the University of Coimbra created an innovative technology that detects and corrects, in real time, security problems on software.

Company from Coimbra creates innovation that detects security flaws

Dognædis, a start-up specializing in information security created by FCTUC researchers, creates an innovative technology that detects and corrects, in real time, security problems in software.

With CodeV, no bug is safe

University of Coimbra researchers have created a tool that allows the detection and correction of security flaws in software.