Logic Application Security Testing

Software security step up as the ultimate barrier on Internet Security, since the major part of invasion attack vectors exploited over the Internet started to be based on software security issues exploitation.

Do you control the security of your software?

CodeV detects security issues that developers have trouble identifying in conventional tests, making the quality assurance process faster, less error prone and more security oriented. To those who buy customized software, CodeV is the perfect tool to validate the security of the purchased software, aiming at safer and less risky deployment.

CodeV is a technology design and developed to be accessible, affordable and useful to everyone who needs software security.

You can use CodeV as SECaas or have it on premise, in any case, you will get a continuous and holistic software security solution.


Through your web-browser, IDE or integrated with your CI system, you can always check your code's security.


Enables the submission of projects made with the major web programming languages such as PHP and JAVA.


When the analysis is complete, the final results will be provided to both the developer, team management and security experts over a set of customized formats and delivery channels.

Detected Vulnerabilities

  • Dangerous Functions
  • Deprecated Functions
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • LDAP Injection
  • Weak / faulty Cryptography
  • Uninitialized variable
  • Dangerous codestyle
  • SQL Injection - Incorrectly filtered escape characters
  • SQL Injection - Incorrect type handling
  • Code Inclusion - Remote File Inclusion (RFI)
  • Code Inclusion - Local File Inclusion (LFI)
  • Reflected Cross site Scripting
  • Stored Cross Site Scripting
  • Blind SQL injection
  • Information Leak
  • File Path Injection
  • Relative Path Traversal
  • Variable Value propagation
  • Command Injection
  • Non Sanitized Inputs

CodeV, an intelligent software that has the ability to detect security flaws in software source code in all its stages of development, should be used by all team members: Developer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Technician/Tester, Top Technical Management and Security Auditor. It will help them attain better security skills and support security and quality management. It also assures the security quality of your software, detecting possible attack vectors that could be exploited maliciously.
CodeV helps the developer in validating security automatically and periodically, through deterministic analyses, whenever there are changes in the source code of the software. It has as defining features its integration with version control systems and continuous integration systems, and also global reports for top and technical management that convey powerful information about the state of the software project and the security competency of your teams. All the results are characterized and classified under the main standards, such as CVE, CWE, OWASP Top 10 or PCI-DSS.
CodeV is made of a group of components that set it apart from the competition. Namely, the deterministic approach (context based, thus less prone to false positives), complete code flow analysis, solution personalization (SaaS, Appliance and Security Seals), integration with continuous integration systems, complete integration in the software development life-cycle, and last but not least, affordable and fair prices.


CodeV Appliance

Buying CodeV Appliance gets you an easier and more powerful integration with your development tools. This option also offers technical support, verification of security flaws, and issue resolutions proposals. A virtual appliance version is available for the most common virtualization systems.

Annual FEE

Unlimited Analyzes

Secure SDLC Integration

Virtual Appliance Available

Security Seals

CodeV offers a security seal system with three levels (Platinum, Gold and Silver), based on an understandable, transparent and user-friendly scale. CodeV Security Seals represent an holistic and continuous software solutions for your application, offering code review, intrusion detection, response handling, web-application fire-walling and secure administration capabilities.

Annual FEE

Holistic and Continuous Security

Unlimited Analyzes

Complete SECaaS Solution
"One APP, One security solution"

CodeV Store

CodeV Store is a security as a service model, based upon a private secure infrastructure that is under 24x7 security monitoring, and under the scope of DGS-IRT Scope (Dognædis certified Incident Response Team), assuring a high level of security to CodeV clients.
CodeV Store has a per line pricing and a per application type validations model.

0,025€ per LOC

Per Line Pricing


Fixed Price per Application Type



This section provides a small demo of CodeV, an application security testing tool. Upon submission, your PHP code (max. 250 lines) will be analyzed and you will get a link to a security report on your email address. If you desire to have a long experience of CodeV or with other programming languages rather than PHP, please contact us.


Vulnerabilities Disclosure

Following the responsible disclosure philosophy throughout CodeV’s OSS Project, CodeV's Team reported a set vulnerabilities discovered on open source software, offering security not only to our clients but to the entire public.

Note: All of the vulnerabilities brought to public previously followed the necessary disclosure protocol to the responsible teams.


Gartner distinguishes vulnerabilities detector created by Dognædis

Dognædis was recognized by Gartner for its technology for automatic vulnerability detection in software, CodeV...


Dognædis presents award winning CodeV

CodeV is a framework for Application Security Testing that performs automatic source code analysis to detect security vulnerabilities...


The award has leveraged considerably CodeV's publicity

It is gratifying to have the bet on innovation acknowledged...




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